Up Front or Behind the Scene…

It took me four months after I finally decided to start this blog to actually design it. You should see me around the office asking the IT and one of the Art guys how to go about it. Ewooo!! Even my boss caught me at it and couldn’t help laughing.

Finally sha, we are here (Wipes forehead of sweat).

I know you guys want to read something serious. Something my Literati people can easily term a classic story with a phenomenal resolution blah blah or one which many of my “Feminist” friends can call me to say “I like the way you pictured your character as the other. It’s such a post-colonial representation of blah blah. Abegi! I left that style of writing in school o. Post-colonial ishes and all those -isms might not come up very frequently here. Just saying sha. It doesn’t however  mean they won’t come up (Baba Ibeji’s money must show up once in a while. Four years of -isms is nor beans na).

Writing here however will be as the spirit leads jare.

I just wanna tell everyday stories that will make you say “Oh, I can relate” or “That’s so Me” and still pass a message.

So there’s this issue that’s always giving me cause for concern. Countless times a lot of people have wondered why I haven’t gone into Modeling or any of those centerstage professions. So I’ve decided to talk about it as a collective issue rather than tell people individually.

As much as some would attribute it to religion, I’ve always believed people are created for several reasons. Some are created to be the buzz while some are created to be the ones behind the buzz makers. It boils down to those who create and those who are created.

I’d rather let my work speak for me rather than be the one making all the noise about what my work does. I create things and stay well-hidden. I thrive best in the background; even though a lot of people think otherwise. I love to watch rather than be seen. It’s just me.

Then there are times when I think I’m hidden but I’m right in the middle of the actions. I try…I try to stay well-hidden; to create my private place in a very public world. Sometimes we try but the decisions are out of our hands.

But there are a lot of people out there who’d rather be seen. All good and fine. People are different. Just pick your corner and make it work best for you. I have picked mine and it’s just perfect for me.

So when next you walk into the room, don’t expect to find me in the center. I’d be at the corner at the back, taking in the room and activities.

I’d however wanna try the modeling thing one time though (with my scarf on), just for the fun of it or maybe just to see life on the other side of the divide (E sha mo)

Before I disappear again, be kind to share with me (in the comment section ni o. Stay out of my bbm biko); what are you? The seen? Or the seer?




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