2014: The Beginning

It’s been a long year. 2014 most definitely has been. From the fun days early in the year in Akure to the Nostalgic byes to my NYSC friends, through hectic late nights getting home from work in terrible Apapa-Mile2 traffic, 2014 sure had it all. even those early days in the year when I had to shuttle between Akure and Ibadan just to get the dream started. For those who were there during the Ibadan story, you know how that went.

This year has been one of mistakes, learning, trials, understanding, fun, and getting better acquainted with how the world really works. My circle got bigger, the vision became larger than life. I took what worked, I dropped what didn’t but thus far, I’ve become a better person.

I look back now and somehow I see I can be thankful. I am THANKFUL. If Ibadan had accepted me, would I have learnt the valuable lessons I picked from it? Would I have  been able to channel my writings into sales messages? If that Insight interview had gotten me the job, would I have someone to teach me the little I now know about writing Copy?

I remember how after those failing experiences, I called Kolapo and lamented. Wailed, I think. Not sure now, Kolapo can tell it better from his end. You see, failing was a new experience for me. Not that I haven’t ever failed, I mean three years of getting epic NOs from Universities after writing JAMB is still failing too. But what I mean here is failing at what you do best, doubting every thing you are, all that you know, that kind of failing. It was a trying time for me. But I learnt a valuable lesson: the only thing you start building from the top is a grave.

Also, this year has taught me how small the world really is. When you throw stones in the market, it injures neighbours. Thankfully for me, I haven’t been throwing stones or fruits or whatever else people throw around.

I’m thankful for every new friendship forged, to old ones made stronger and to those with whom we started as more but ended as less, you all have been a wonderful part of my growth as a person.

To Pubstars who keep making me roll on the floor, laughing (literally), may the Pub Bar never go empty. To my DKKraze creative guys who keep teaching me the ways of men ‘unknowingly’ (Una no sabi say my ears dey open shey? I’m an avid listener fa), may our creative juices not dry up (*in Fizzle’s voice* Okay that just sounds wrong). To those adopted brothers/Niccurs of mine I keep waking up at odd hours to ask opinions because I suddenly got a muse, una doh sef o. You guys should continuuu.¬† May sand-sand never find its way into your Garri. To my siblings, I love your annoying asses too.

To Q, for letting me write on his blog sometimes, to Seyi Milan for being candid always, to G and Yinka for walking me home on those late nights, to Jibs for every every, to Bukky and Baseerah, for being sisters, to Banky for beaming the torch when things get murky, to Ola…words fail me mhan but you know I got your back anytime.

To my homie, Francisca, let’s own 2015.

To Almighty Allah, Baba you’re too much. You just tanda gidigba for us. Daalu

So here’s to being a better person, friend, sister, daughter, colleague, Niccur, homie, bestie, boo ati bee bee lo.

2015 is already looking better from here.

Happy 2015 sweethearts.