A Thin Line

Hiiiiiiii. Whatagoan? I’ve been away yea? Hmmmn, my life ehn… Even I am just going along with it as it comes…

About this story, so I’m expected to come up with some ” This is not a true life kinikan kinikan”, but nah, I’ll just leave that to you. I wrote this last December and it was lying idle in my folder so…

Here goes…

You wake up this morning feeling nauseated. “Oh snap, it can’t be that time of the month already”, you think to yourself. You could have sworn it too. You ignore the buzz of excitement coming from downstairs as everyone prepares for the day. You dash quickly for your phone, checking the calendar. You see what date it is. “Oh”, you say again, all too loudly. You run to the bathroom shelf where you keep all your lady stuff. There’s a test kit in there. You head for the toilet seat.
Your phone rings just then. It is ‘Terem. She wants you to know she’ll be a little late. She’s to do your make-up for the occasion but she’s stuck in traffic somewhere. Of course, you don’t mind because that’s the least of your worries at the moment. Your head goes back to last Christmas.
“I don’t think my declaration should make us awkward, ‘Kachi. I mean we’re both adults. And we’ll still be friends.”
“But Ike, you keep saying we are friends, yet every girl you’ve introduced to me in the past few years looks like me. You keep going after me, in other people.”
“I refuse to justify that. All I know is that I can be your friend even though you have refused to let me past that point. You can still tell me about the boys. What’s the worst that can happen? Maybe I’ll ruin their chances with you”, he said with that big devilish grin of his.
You laugh at that point. Crazy boy, you’re thinking. He just has a way of making a bad situation look…well, not so bad.
“But I still value you”, he continued “and every story we’ve shared; even the craziest ones that you shared with me alone. And I wouldn’t dare ruin that, Nkem.” He finished with that single word that captures everything you mean to him; everything he doesn’t mean to you.
“No, Ike, I’m not yours. At least, not in the way you say it. I just want to know I can be open with you as before. No attachments. No hard feelings. Just friends.” He’s cool with that. He has always been.
Today, you’re looking at that thin line. A baby is on the way.
You remember how after that argument, you decided to show Ike you’re still boss at FIFA ’14. You played and forgot about time. Maybe the alcohol played a part but you wanted it too. So here you are, realizing you’re pregnant for your best friend on the day you’re getting engaged to your Fiance of four years.


6 thoughts on “A Thin Line

    1. I begged the muses to let them live, they wouldn’t listen. They asked me to take consolation in the fact that their love was true, however short-lived.

      Thanks for reading @Damore. I’m honoured. More to come, and the loves will live. They have to

  1. Erm…let’s see what the muses can do. If they can be saved, I’d send to you personally as an “How they could have turned out” version. But then if they had lived, it would raise more questions and problems and put their love on a trial like burns, wounds, shrivelled skin etc. Could their love survive the trials of an incomplete body? Or the trauma of an explosion?

    You know this could make for another story…*thinking*

    1. Lool. I was too in shock to comment on Sheri Elepo, because the end was a sad abrupt mess, unexpected as you suggested from the beginning but far from what my thoughts held in store for her… seeing as you’ve now duplicated my comment on Thin Line for Sheri Elepo (lool!), you force my muses to speak, and they are thankful!

      Will their love survive the trials of an incomplete body? That’s a tough one. Who knows what parts of the body they stand to lose? Eyes? Limbs? Memory? The possibilities are endless.

      Plus what if one died and the other was saved? The trauma. The pain. The regret. Would the survivor ever forgive him/herself for not being able to save the other? You did well with that story Zay and just like Amity said, it is very timely! As black markets are the order of the day today.

      I am in awe of your imaginations. Truth! 🙂

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