Monday Gone Wrong or Just a Book of Subs

I woke up this morning all shades of blue, never mind that that’s my favourite colour and it’s what I’m wearing at the moment. Music is not helping either as Fisayo has been on the Monday morning flow with his playlist. So maybe I simply need to rant. So here I am, trying to rant.

My Keni and Basi told me I give off different vibes to different people and as such it’s easy to misunderstand the kind of person I am. So this is about clearing doubts, in case you have some. Soyinka once wrote that a Tiger does not proclaim its tigritude. It pounces. Sir, I disagree. In today’s confused world, sometimes a tiger has to announce (shout sef, in case the jungle no wan hear) its tigritude.

So here goes.

I am a home person. I too like house. So night clubs, house parties, night parties are not my thing. You will not find me there. Except the house party is not the 18+ kind and the invitation is from someone I trust explicitly. For those that think being homey is equal to Cook. Big lie. I cook for only two reasons. One, I like food and that includes knowing what goes into my food. You will rarely find me eating junk (Pizza is the exception sha) Two, there’s a joy that comes with keeping bellies full. I like that feeling. But this second reason is on rare occasions. So if you ever come visiting and I offer you food (something that is not noodles), you are special.

That said, I know we all have our troubles and demons and fears. Some of us are quite adept at keeping them under wraps and when they hit, we crawl up somewhere to sort them out before we re-emerge again. and that’s fine. Some look to other people to help them figure things out and keep them on the straight, and that’s fine too.

However there’s a problem when people think being your friend is a favour or that friendship should not be mutually benefiting. Some will ‘flash’, and while you’re thinking what could be wrong, and you call back,Β  they go “Mo ni kin ki e ni” (I just thought to say hello). A flash passes that message how precisely? One thing I’ve learnt, if someone really needs something, they will call.

To everyone out there pulling Machiavelli stunts, una sef follow. If you are the kind that notes how many people buzzed you daily, you’re part of the problem. Then there are the ones that change DP and tell their friends, “You’ll see now, so and so person/people will be the first to ping to ask what’s wrong. Just watch.” Just because people care doesn’t mean they want extra something from you. For some of us, it’s just being nice. You know how they say “be nice to people, you never know who is contemplating suicide”? Ehn oh, we are simply trying to save you from killing yourself. But if for that reason you’re getting the I’m-Obama vibe, please don’t let us stop your greatness. *In Sound Sultan’s voice* Na only you go teach yourself.

Then there are those who keep their mouths shut about what’s going on with them but when it comes to you, they want to hear everything. The moment you hold back certain information, they go begin vex. Some will even say you have Igberaga (pride). You no talk but you want make I talk. How na? Where that one take dey happen? In this world, you get as much as you give. And sometimes, you don’t get anything. Sometimes there are no returns on investment.

I’ve been told I’m the most boring person alive even though I’m nice. Always in my comfort zone, very private yet quick to make friends. Those close to me know I can gist from now till tomorrow. But the moment you start feeling important, all the best fam. Iss nor fight. Who I am is dependent on you. If you’re boring, I will be boring. Ati bee bee lo. But note, I will not go out of my comfort zone to please you if I know you will not do same for me.

Shout out to everyone who has been keeping it real from go. The ones that when they buzz or you meet, even though you haven’t talked in a while, you talk like the last time was just yesterday. I’m happy just knowing you all are doing great wherever you are and that’s more than enough. Keeping daily tabs on people is not my thing. So that the once in a while I check on you, it’s really sincere.

Anyway, it’s the season of change. Change for the better. Don’t be left behind.

PS> Part two is coming. Time to correct certain attitudes and social behaviour.

Oh finally, the Lunch lady is here!


5 thoughts on “Monday Gone Wrong or Just a Book of Subs

  1. Two things… no, three actually.

    Fest of all, I totally love the new look of your blog (and if it’s not new, well it looks new cos ‘ viewing it fro my PC for the first tie… so :D), it rocks! About this piece, it reeks of depth… at some point, it felt like you were speaking my mind, and at another point, it felt like you were talking to me… The things about friendships and keeping in touch for me is sometimes things are just not the way they seem. And just like you rightly said, you don’t always get what you give. Some investments just don’t yield nothing… but the beauty of such moments is when you give without expectations, because you can, because you want to; that way, you’re happy to give because that’s the only way you know how to BE. Some people get lucky in friendships and relationships, other people don’t… I think essentially, we get what we reflect (rather than what we give); that is, what comes to us is a result of the vibes/ aura we exude, knowingly or unknowingly…

    That said, i just nominated you for the Sisterhood blog award. I hope you accept it from me with as much love as ‘ve conferred it to you. see here-

    You rock to infinity, and all the best with you know what!

  2. And i hope that comment up there makes half a sense… apparently my “m” button is faulty. There goes my christmas gift, i guess. *sigh

    1. @me… Damore! Damore! Damore! First things first, you’re a totally awesome person. You’re one of the people I’m glad NS brought my way.

      That said, yea, I gave the blog a new feel, to make it a little more friendly and all. I guess this theme works then.

      About the friendship thing, oro lo so o. We attract the aura we give. These past weeks, I’ve had to check myself, look inward and blah, and so many things revealed themselves. Either ways, m still learning.

      This piece is basically me speaking to me. So that sometimes I’ll understand I can’t save everyone and I can’t please everyone. Sometimes I have to save me too. In all, I’m learning and I’m growing. And I pray everyone of us keeps growing too. Thanks love, for being a sister. Always 😍😍

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