There is Love in Sharing?

*Singing* share a Coca-cola with… *insert friend’s name here*

Now replace “Coca-Cola” as seen up there with your boo’s name. Did you just say “Ehn?!”

When I heard this story, my jaw dropped. Literally. So I decided to share.

Here goes…
A scene was playing out at The Peppersoup Place where Damola had dashed in quickly to get a hot spicy plate of the local delicacy. Two ladies were shouting each other down as a guy, dressed in casual tees and Jean watched them both with amusement dancing in his eyes.

“Boyfriend snatcher!!”, screamed one of the ladies, “leave my boyfriend alone”.

“Your boyfriend?” Lady B laughed hysterically. “abi our boyfriend? He can’t be YOUR boyfriend when you invited me into his room with you and had a threesome. And please, don’t even give me that excuse of ‘it’s because we were drunk’”.

“It’s not your fault na. If his friend who had asked me to bring a friend in the first place hadn’t cancelled at the last minute, why would I have allowed you near my boyfriend, lest to talk of getting drunk together.

By that time, everyone at the place had tuned their ears to the juicy drama unfolding before their eyes. All the while, the young man with laughter in his eyes kept watching, enjoying the scenery ne, without any thought to breaking them apart.

“Leave my boyfriend alone!!”, one shouted, punctuating each word with a clap in that way women in this part of the world are wont to.

“Leave who? Mo se se bere (I have just started)”, the other replied.

At that point, more people had gathered around the scene. The guy spoke just then.

“You two better stop this nonsense right now or I’ll post the sex video of all three of us on social media…”




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