Another Christmas Come

Story not available. Try again in January.

Okay just kidding.

Every Thursday I post a story or another here is a lot for me. I’m still a very pen-and-paper person. So keyboarding everyday of the week, *phew*. Now add every Thursday writing to it. However you always inspire me to keep writing because somehow my stories keep you entertained and in your reading and leaving comments, I find the strength to keep at it. Besides, it’s change season, right? So, I’m learning.

Today, I won’t give you another story I made up in my ever-churning mind nor one that someone told me in a gist. Today I share with you my earliest memories of Christmas.

Usually Christmas (and New Year’s) were days when my Dad was rarely around, occupational hazard of being an auditor/accountant. Holiday season meant work and end of the year reports and audits. Back then, Christmas was a Sagamu affair which was where we lived until 2000 (Story for another day). So Mummy would take me, Kenny and our younger brother ID to Daddy Sho’s house which is not far from our family house just so we don’t spend the holidays alone.

Daddy Sho is Daddy’s Uncle on my grandmother’s side and their relationship was more of that of an older brother to a younger one. We always loved it there because we didn’t do any work around the house except eat, watch TV, play and do battle with Knockouts. Even though the Shosanya’s children were a lot older, when it came to Knockouts, age was nothing but a number.

Christmas then was usually a large affair. For three reasons.
1. Uncle worked with CBN which meant always boxed up; at least that was everyone’s belief.
2. Uncle was (and is still) a people person. So everyone was welcome to celebrate Christmas with him and his family and by the 27th of December, we all left.
3. It was an opportunity to meet relatives we hadn’t seen in years and to socialize.

And for us kids, those were days when Chickens were in trouble although days later, we would queue up to use the toilet. The evenings were much more fun because Suya nights. Imagine peppered Suya on a stick barbecued by the Aboki at the corner, made to sizzle and drip every time you chew into the meaty substance. The three days we spent at the Shosanyas, we looked forward to the “owo odun” we received from guests just so we could add them up later in the evenings to buy Suya at Ajaka junction.

“Why spend everything on Suya”, you ask. Usually taking the money home meant mom would “keep” it for us and asking for it later meant body go tell you scores. So we spent. EVERYTHING!!

It was also the period we got introduced to and get to play board games; Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Scrabble and Monopoly. Needless to say, Kenny was a Monopoly champ. Even my cousins were afraid to play with her at that age. Omo yen good gan. I still think she’ll make a business mogul if she ventures into business though.

What I miss most about those days was the sincerity with which we all shared and gave. It didn’t matter if you brought N20 or N200 to the Suya table, we shared equally. We played without the why-are-you-playing-with-her-are-you-mates halo hanging over our minds. There was no hush-up-your-life or “don’t let people see your happiness” which as adults now plague us.

I guess that’s where life comes in. We all grew up and realized life isn’t the utopia we lived at Christmas. That sometimes in life, we will fall and be too wounded to stand up and get moving again. That we will do battle with people. That we will do battle with things other people scaled through with almost no effort. Heck, we grew up realizing sometimes you do battle with yourself. But that’s life too.

Merry Christmas in advance everyone. And I look forward to a beautiful 2016 with you all.

P.S. This could very well be the last article for this year.


7 thoughts on “Another Christmas Come

  1. Taiwo, you brought tears and laughter to my eyes. Remembering those day made me nostalgic! God bless you, and have a merry Christmas!

  2. Indeed and yet again, you have impressed me again with you stories… thanks for bringing the memories of the old times back… even though it is a mixed memories of both the GOOD and BAD.. but then thanks for bringing a big smile to my face…. **thump up***

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