Teach Me To Be Human

We have forgotten how to talk…
In a world of so much noise
We have lost the art of speech
In a generation of silent screams…

We have forgotten how to think
Reason for every Tablet
Point me where knowledge lives
Buried in ancient minds tagged witch…

We have forgotten how to remember
Keeping memories in pixels
Teach me to be human
Where techs dictate what to feel…


I Think I’ve Met My Husband

“I think I have met my husband”
Those were the words I said to Kay
But how do I tell him it’s not who he thinks
That again I’ve let my mind run ahead of me…
I’ve not been one to write love stories
But for this man, I’d write a thousand and maybe one more
Or maybe I won’t
Like before, I’d just let that flame flow in my veins- exhausting itself

Yinka once said that I hide my hurt
And share my smile
What’s the use of more hurt to a world already hurting?
Maybe what I meant to tell Kay was,
“I’ve met the woman I think I am”

For a world that takes and takes,
You learn to hoard yourself
And when you give, it’s without expectations
That’s the woman I think I am

Or maybe, I really meant it when I said
I think I’ve met my husband.
Just one thing though,
It happened in my dreams.